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Emergency Medical Science Admission Procedures

Attend a program information session after completion of Emergency Medical Technician. Dates and times will be sent to applicants.

Complete the RDS (Residency Determination Service) first to start your Admissions process. The Application for Admission cannot be submitted without first obtaining your RCN (Residency Certification Number).

Complete an application for the Associate in General Occupational Technology-Pre-Paramedic program.

Meet with an academic advisor or program director from the Department for EMS Education. The academic advisor will review the student’s record, advising them on how to meet the state’s eligibility requirements for successful entry into the program. Eligibility requirements will include:

Completing a Student Medical Form provided by the Department for EMS Education, documenting satisfactory emotional and physical health

Immunizations required by clinical agencies, criminal background checks, and drug screening

Once eligibility requirements are met, students will be given an Allied Health-Change of Program Form, signed by their advisor, to declare Emergency Medical Science as their program of study.

Students admitted to the Emergency Medical Science Program:

In addition to maintaining a 2.0 GPA and earning a minimum grade of “C” in all EMS and other related curriculum courses, students must comply with current clinical affiliation agreements.

Clinical agencies reserve the right to deny a student access to the facility based on failure to meet the above requirements. If a student is denied access to any clinical agency, the student will not be allowed to continue in the Emergency Medical Science program. Detailed information regarding these agency requirements will be provided during an information session. Failure to comply with current clinical affiliation agreements may prevent the student from completing the program and obtaining certification.