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MKT 120 - Principles of Marketing

3 credits

This course introduces principles and problems of marketing goods and services. Topics include promotion, placement, and pricing strategies for products. Upon completion, students should be able to apply marketing principles in organizational decision making. (Offered fall, spring and summer semesters)

MKT 220 - Advertising and Sales Promotion

3 credits

This course covers the elements of advertising and sales promotion in the business environment. Topics include advertising and sales promotion appeals, selection of media, use of advertising and sales promotion as a marketing tool, and means of testing effectiveness. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the concepts covered through application. (Offered fall semester)

MKT 223 - Customer Service

3 credits

This course stresses the importance of customer relations in the business world. Emphasis is placed on learning how to respond to complex customer requirements and to efficiently handle stressful situations. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate the ability to handle customer relations. (Offered fall semester)

MKT 225 - Marketing Research

3 credits

Prerequisite: MKT 120

This course provides information for decision making by providing guidance in developing, analyzing, and using data. Emphasis is placed on marketing research as a tool in decision making. Upon completion, students should be able to design and conduct a marketing research project and interpret the results. (Offered spring semester)

MKT 227 - Marketing Applications

3 credits

This course extends the study of diverse marketing strategies. Emphasis is placed on case studies and small-group projects involving research or planning. Upon completion, students should be able to effectively participate in the formulation of a marketing strategy. (Offered spring semester)

MKT 232 - Social Media Marketing

4 credits

This course is designed to build students' social media marketing skills by utilizing projects that give students hands-on experience implementing social media marketing strategies. Topics include integrating different social media technologies into a marketing plan, creating social media marketing campaigns, and applying appropriate social media tools. Upon completion, students should be able to use social media technologies to create and improve marketing efforts for businesses. (Offered spring semester)