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Board of Trustees

Appointed by the Governor

Ms. Vivian A. Bolaños
Dr. Jeremy R. Gibbs, Vice Chair
Dr. Clay Edelman
Mr. Richard G. “Duke” Woodhull, Jr.

Appointed by Henderson County Commissioners

Mr. John B. “Chip” Gould, Chairman
Mr. Nathan R. Kennedy
Mr. P. Kelly Leonard
Mr. James Rasmussen

Appointed by Transylvania County Commissioners

Mr. Mark Isabelli
Dr. Brian I. Weaver

Appointed by Henderson County Board of Public Education

Mr. Steven R. Dozier
Ms. Betty A. Gash
Mr. Michael H. Pressley
Ms. Cathy Childress

Blue Ridge Community College President

Dr. Laura B. Leatherwood

Student Government Association President

Ex-officio, non-voting