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ACA 115 - Success and Study Skills

1 credit

This course provides an orientation to the campus resources and academic skills necessary to achieve educational objectives. Emphasis is placed on an exploration of facilities and services, study skills, library skills, self-assessment, wellness, goal-setting, and critical thinking. Upon completion, students should be able to manage their learning experiences to successfully meet educational goals. This course will include topics such as learning style, online readiness, and personality types.

ACA 122 - College Transfer Success

1 credit

This course provides information and strategies necessary to develop clear academic and professional goals beyond the community college experience. Topics include the CAA, college policies and culture, career exploration, gathering information on senior institutions, strategic planning, critical thinking, and communication skills for a successful academic transition. Upon completion, students should be able to develop an academic plan to transition successfully to senior institutions. This is a required course for the Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees.