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SAB 110 - Substance Abuse Overview

3 credits

This course provides an overview of the core concepts in substance abuse and dependence. Topics include the history of drug use/abuse, effects on societal members, treatment of addiction, and preventive measures. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate knowledge of the etiology of drug abuse, addiction, prevention, and treatment. (Offered fall semester)

SAB 120 - Intake and Assessment

3 credits

This course develops processes for establishment of client rapport, elicitation of client information on which therapeutic activities are based, and stimulation of client introspection. Topics include diagnostic criteria, functions of counseling, nonverbal behavior, collaterals and significant others, dual diagnosis, client strengths and weakness, uncooperative clients, and crisis interventions. Upon completion, students should be able to establish communication with clients, recognize disorders, obtain information for counseling, and terminate the counseling process. (Offered fall semester)

SAB 125 - SA Case Management

3 credits

This course provides case management activities, including record keeping, recovery issues, community resources, and continuum of care. Emphasis is placed on establishing a systematic approach to monitor the treatment plan and maintain quality of life. Upon completion, students should be able to assist clients in the continuum of care as an ongoing recovery process and develop agency networking. (Offered spring semester)

SAB 135 - Addictive Process

3 credits

This course explores the physical, emotional, psychological, and cultural aspects of the addictive process. Emphasis is placed on addictions to food, sex, alcohol, drugs, work, gambling, and relationships. Upon completion, students should be able to identify the effects, prevention strategies, and treatment methods associated with addictive disorders. This course requires one visit to an open 12-step meeting. (Offered spring semester)

SAB 240 - Sab Issues in Client Services

3 credits

This course introduces systems of professional standards, values, and issues in substance abuse counseling. Topics include confidentiality, assessment of personal values, professional responsibilities, competencies, and ethics relative to multicultural counseling and research. Upon completion, students should be able to understand and discuss multiple ethical issues applicable to counseling and apply various decision-making models to current issues. (Offered fall semester)