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AGR 121 - Biological Pest Mgmt

3 credits

This course will emphasize the building and maintaining of healthy soil, plant and insect biological cycles as the key to pest and disease management. Course content includes study of major pests and diseases, including structure, life cycle, and favored hosts; and biological and least toxic methods of chemical control. Upon completion, students will be able to identify and recommend methods of prevention and control of selected insects and diseases.

AGR 265 - Organic Crop Prod: Spring

3 credits

This course includes a study of spring organic crop production practices, including vegetables, cut flowers, and culinary and medicinal herbs. Topics include variety selection, production methods, and record keeping procedures for certification. Upon completion, students will be able to demonstrate a knowledge of organic crop production appropriate for the spring season. A course fee is required.

AGR 267 - Permaculture

3 credits

This course introduces the design of sustainable human habitats as part of a sustainable system, with emphasis placed on living systems of the temperate region. Topics include fundamentals of permaculture system design for farms, including gardens, fields, water, animals, buildings, economics, and society. Upon completion, students should be able to design a functional holistic farm system. A course fee is required.