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General Occupational Technology (A55280)

Associate in Applied Science Degree

The General Occupational Technology curriculum provides individuals with an opportunity to upgrade skills and to earn an associate degree, Diploma, and/or certificate by taking courses suited for individual occupational interests and or needs.

The curriculum content will be customized for students according to occupational interests and needs. A program of study for each student will be selected from any non-developmental level courses offered by the College.

Graduates will become more effective workers, better qualified for advancements within their field of employment, and become qualified for a wide range of entry-level employment opportunities.

This curriculum complies with the standard approved by the State Board of Community Colleges.

Students may be required to take developmental courses in Math and/or English as a result of high school GPA or pre-enrollment placement tests.  Therefore, the student may need more than the minimum number of semester hours listed for graduation. Consult a program advisor for more information. 

Upon completion from this program, students will:

  • Students will communicate with clarity and precision in appropriate contexts.

  • Students will analyze and solve problems using discipline-appropriate techniques and technologies.

  • Students will develop personal and professional skills to be productive members of the community and the work force.

 Required General Education Courses





work Exp.


ACA 115 Success and Study Skills
ACA 122 College Transfer Success






ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry






ENG 112 Writing/Research in the Discipl
ENG 114 Prof Research and Reporting






*3-4 Credits must be selected from the list of Math Elective

**3 Credits must be selected from the list of Humanities Elective at the bottom of the page

**3 Credits must be selected from the list of Social/Behavioral Science Elective at the bottom of the page

48-49 additional credit hours must be chosen from a combination of major courses for curriculums approved to be offered by the college. Work-based Learning may be included up to a maximum of 8 semester hours of credit.

*Math Elective may include any Mathematics course (100 level or higher).

**Humanities Electives

The following listings for Humanities Electives apply to Associate in Applied Science degree-seeking students. These electives should be carefully selected with the faculty advisor to ensure proper credit. Some programs of study have specific courses that meet the humanities elective requirement. ASL, foreign language, and public speaking courses cannot count as the sole humanities course in an associate in applied science program.

  • ART 111 Art Appreciation

  • ART 114 Art History Survey I

  • ART 115 Art History Survey II

  • DRA 111 Theatre Appreciation

  • DRA 112 Literature of the Theatre

  • DRA 211 Theatre History I

  • ENG 231 American Literature I

  • ENG 232 American Literature II

  • ENG 241 British Literature I

  • ENG 242 British Literature II

  • ENG 262 World Literature II

  • HUM 123 Appalachian Culture

  • HUM 160 Introduction to film

  • MUS 110 Music Appreciation

  • PHI 210 History of Philosophy

  • PHI 240 Introduction to Ethics

  • REL 110 World Religions

  • REL 211 Intro to Old Testament

  • REL 212 Intro to New Testament

  • REL 221 Religion in America

**Social/Behavioral Science Electives

The following listing for Social/Behavioral Science Electives applies to Associate in Applied Science degree seeking students. These electives should be carefully selected with the faculty advisor to ensure proper credit. Some programs of study have specific courses that meet the social/behavioral science elective requirement.

  • ANT 210 General Anthropology

  • ECO 251 Principles of Microeconomics

  • ECO 252 Principles of Macroeconomics

  • GEO 111 World Regional Geography

  • HIS 111 World Civilizations I

  • HIS 112 World Civilizations II

  • HIS 131 American History I

  • HIS 132 American History II

  • POL 120 American Government

  • POL 130 State and Local Government

  • PSY 150 General Psychology

  • PSY 237 Social Psychology

  • PSY 241 Developmental Psychology

  • PSY 281 Abnormal Psychology

  • SOC 210 Introduction to Sociology

  • SOC 213 Sociology of the Family

  • SOC 220 Social Problems

Total Semester Credit Hours in Program: 65