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Pre-Pharmacy (A10400WP)

Associate in Science Pathway to
Wingate University School of Pharmacy

The Wingate University School of Pharmacy and Blue Ridge Community College partner in an effort to outline a specific pathway for students to obtain an Associate in Science Degree that also meets the prerequisite coursework requirements for application to the Wingate University School of Pharmacy. Completion of the Associate in Science degree or the listed courses does not guarantee admission to Wingate University School of Pharmacy. Acceptance into Wingate University School of Pharmacy is competitive based grades from individual courses listed below, the pharmacy school assessment test (PCAT) scores, and a personal interview.

The courses listed are required in order to apply for admission to the Wingate University School of Pharmacy. The courses listed will satisfy Blue Ridge Community College requirements for the Associate in Science degree. Other courses may be used to complete the Associate in Science degree but may not meet the requirements for application to Wingate University School of Pharmacy. All pharmacy prerequisites must be completed by the end of the Spring Semester of the year in which pharmacy school enrollment is requested. All pre-reqs should be completed within a 5 year time limit. There may be an exception to this rule if you are currently working in a healthcare field. Please check with Wingate. International coursework will not be accepted at Wingate.

Students may be required to take developmental courses in Math and/or English as a result of high school GPA or pre-enrollment placement tests.  Therefore, the student may need more than the minimum number of semester hours listed for graduation. Consult a program advisor for more information.

Students who do not meet one of the requirements for MAT 271 must also take MAT 171 and MAT 172.

For more detailed information about the Pharmacy pathway, contact the Dean for Arts and Sciences.

 Required Courses

Semester 1 (Fall)

  • ACA 122

  • ENG 111

  • MAT 271

  • CHM 151

  • BIO 168

Semester 2 (Spring)

  • ENG 112

  • CHM 152

  • BIO 169

  • MAT 152

Semester 3 (Summer)

  • BIO 275

  • COM 231

  • Humanities/Social Science Elective *

  • Humanities/Social Science Elective *

Semester 4 (Fall)

  • CHM 251

  • PHY 151 or 251

  • BIO 111

  • Humanities/Social Science Elective *

Semester 5 (Spring)

  • CHM 252

  • ENG 231 or 232 or 241 or 242 (1 literature class)

  • ECON 251 or 252

  • Humanities/Social Science Elective *

*Humanities Electives List

Wingate prefers a variety of Humanities/Social Science Electives. Wingate will only accept 1 semester of a foreign language as one of your electives. American Sign Language (ASL) will count as a foreign language.

  • 1 semester of SPA or FRE or ASL

  • HIS 111 or 112 or 131 or 132

  • PSY 150

  • PSY 241

  • PSY 281

  • SOC 210

  • SOC 213

  • SOC 220

  • SOC 225

  • ENG 231 or 232 or 241 or 242 (This has to be a different literature course then the one used to satisfy the literature requirement)

Art, Music and Physical Education are not acceptable electives for this program.

 Total Semester Credit Hours to be taken at Blue Ridge: 72 - 73